Set for centre stage: Lyndsie Storer, 33, is ready to debut her first single, ‘How Do I Say Goodbye?’ this weekend at the Mildura Cancer Council’s Relay for Life event. Photo: PAUL MENSCH

LOCAL musician Lyndsie Storer, 33, is ready to showcase her home-grown talent and passion for music this weekend, as she gets set to debut her first single.

Already published and ready for purchase through iTunes, the locally recorded single ‘How Do I Say Goodbye?’ will be launched tomorrow night at the Mildura Cancer Council’s Relay for Life event, between 7.30pm and 8pm. 

Written in response to the passing of her grandfather, Lyndsie chose the Relay as the venue for her official debut, hoping some may be able to find comfort in her words.

She wil be joined by guitarist James Herberte, who also plays on the single, for the performance.

Although song-writing since her early teens, this will be the first time performing an original.

“Music has always been an outlet for me,” Lyndsie said.

“One of the reasons I actually started was because at that time in my life, my grandmother had become sick, and all of a sudden I had all these words.

“It just helped to be able to put pen to paper.”

The other aspect of performing, however, didn’t come as easy when Lyndsie first began her music journey. 

“Performing was my biggest fear in the whole world, so I decided to join a band, I jumped in head-first!” she laughed.

“We just kept getting all these gigs, so it really made me get over it quickly – but now it’s my biggest passion!”

Lyndsie is currently a part of local band, ‘Revive,’ performing  nearly every weekend at weddings and local events.

Revive will also be performing tomorrow night from 7pm to 7.30pm before Lyndsie’s 30-minute set.

From 7.30pm onwards, Lyndsie’s set will include covers, a candlelight ceremony and then the debut of her single. 

Lyndsie is now looking to produce an EP, hoping to share more of her original work with the world.

“Music is just my passion…it’s very exciting, I’m very excited,” she said.