THE future of the Irymple Medical Centre has been secured following the appointment of local GP Dr Junnatul Fardavs, PICTURED.

Dr Junnatul, 37, has been appointed to fill the void soon to be left by retiring GP Dr Claire Thys.

Dr Thys, who has been practising medicine in Sunraysia for the past two decades, has been forced into premature retirement due to serious health concerns.

And while taking on the care of Dr Claire’s 3500 active patients could be considered a big task, Dr Junnatul is keen to prove herself.

“My main goal is to create a trusting relationship and connection with the patients of Irymple Medical,” she said.

“I don’t want anyone to ever be turned away, and I want people to be able to get everything they need here.”

The desire and want to take on the role at Irymple Medical Centre comes from Dr Junnatul’s love of creating a connection with the community – something she says a GP can do quickly when running their own practice.

“Aside from the hours being more family-friendly than say a hospital, the way you are able to form a connection with members of the community is very rewarding to me,” she said.

“I love the pace of a practice like this, and for a long-term position I want to create that relationship with patients and be able to maintain that.

“By the end of July I should be at the clinic for three days. The changeover will be gradual, but hopefully it will grow and so will the trust between myself and the patients.”

“But, we also hope Claire can return soon. This is her home, a room will always be here for her.”

Born and raised in Bangladesh, Dr Junnatul and her husband both had dreams of continuing their medical careers overseas.

They eventually made their way to Sydney, working in hospitals and practises, before  gaining a position at Tristar Medical Group seven years ago.

“When Tristar took us on as a couple, we moved to Mildura and fell in love with the community,” Dr Junnatul said. “We also loved the lack of traffic!

“I feel very much like a local now, and I did my citizenship ceremony here. I truly feel a part of the community.”

Dr Junnatul describes herself as “a user-friendly doctor.”

“I will always be there to listen and provide the best care I can,” she said. “All I can say to the people of Irymple is, ‘Don’t worry I’m here.’”

Dr Junnatul said that plans were also in the works to expand the practice.

“At the moment we are focusing on a smooth transition, and making sure to create a space for Irymple people to continue to receive great care,” she said.