CHANNEL Seven weather presenter Jane Bunn was at the Mildura Field Days last weekend to introduce her new forecasting service ‘Jane’s Weather’.

The data she brings together is designed to help farmers make decisions to take advantage of the weather.

Jane is not your typical weather presenter, she is actually a qualified meteorologist who worked for the Bureau of Meteorology as a forecaster before becoming a television presenter.

The Weekly spoke to Jane about her new product which has gained a lot of interest from people in the agriculture sector.

“Now there is so much data available today and I really wanted to make sure that people are getting the right information,” Jane said.

“And so I am putting it all together at that is the site you head to and we make sure that you aren’t looking at just one weather model – you have all of them – blended into a ‘consensus’.

Our ‘alert’ service is starting soon, which will ensure that you never miss anything that is coming and you need to know about.

Jane said that she uses the data when she is preparing her weather report for the news bulletin each night.

“I started off making it literally for myself, I wanted to solve my own problems,” she said.

“I then realised that all those in agriculture and construction and many other industries that can benefit from accurate forecast and the alerts we are making and they are very industry specific.

“If you have dried fruit we will make sure that you have the right alert so that you can plan what you are doing.

“The spaying alert that we have doesn’t just take into account the ‘Delta T’ (Delta T is the measure of evaporation rate and lifetime of a droplet), it does temperature, wind speed, cloud cover and inversions. “It is the complete package so that a grower can quickly see whether conditions are good for spraying or not good and they can plan their week accordingly.”

Jane’s Weather has a special offer ‘MILDURA 10’ for people in our region who will receive a 10 per cent discount off the subscription cost when you visit: