Mildura’s John Burfitt has been spending his time over recent weeks clearing garbage from the side of Calder Highway between Irymple and Red Cliffs, an issue he believes is getting out of control.

John, who is well-known for dedicating his time to bettering the community, spent most of the Queen’s Birthday public holiday walking alone up and down the highway, filling up endless bags with rubbish.

“It’s just got to that point where I feel I need to do something about it. When you’re driving up the highway and you see all this rubbish it puts you in a bad frame of mind,” he said.

“There are a couple reasons it’s happening. One of them is that bins on the highway are all pretty over-full and if there’s a gust of wind it will blow rubbish around, another is tip fees are quite high now so it’s easy for people to just throw stuff out to the roadside.”

With no one else helping out at the moment, John is the only person cleaning the side of the highway and he needs assistance.
He says if a handful of others can get involved, the task can be completed in a matter of a couple weeks.

“I’m getting on now and need to look out for my health so I can’t push myself too much to get it done by myself,” John explained.

“If I can get a half a dozen people to join in, we could spread out along the highway maybe once a fortnight and knock it over pretty quickly.
“I’d really love people to join me because it’s getting out of hand.”

If you would like to assist John in cleaning the Calder Highway, you can contact him on 0409 801 746.