Crossfit for Taylan Karakurt was originally a way for the 15-year-old to build up conditioning and strength after knee surgery.

Fast forward three and a half years and Karakurt is looking to add another accolade to his achievements when he competes in the Torian Pro Teen Individual Championship in Brisbane, which starts today.

The event is being held at Pat Rafter Arena and runs until Sunday with six events to complete over the weekend.

Karakurt was invited to compete at the event after his recent performance at the CrossFit Games Open.

That consisted of four workouts completed over three weeks.

The top 10 athletes from Oceania in their age groups at these games were invited to Torian Pro.

After a bone condition in late 2017 meant Karakurt had to have surgery, he missed out on high impact sport for nearly eight months.

Karakurt found that Crossfit training helped his recovery and rehabilitation to get back on the soccer pitch.

“He really enjoys the competitive edge the sport has that allows him to push himself as an athlete to different levels,” Karakurt’s mum, Kelly said.
“The training isn’t the same and he never really gets bored with what he’s doing as there is so much variation from week to week.
“This variation in training is a mixture of metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting and general strength training that gives him the ability to develop the strength, power and agility that assists him in basketball and soccer throughout the year.”

Karakurt said he is hoping to finish top three at the event this weekend, but more importantly he is looking forward to the experience he will gain competing at one of Australia’s biggest CrossFit events.

He hopes to qualify for the CrossFit games in the future but knows a lot of dedication and hard work is required to get to that level.