READY TO RACE: Kye Drust, 14, is eagerly awaiting the Mildura Remote Control Car Club’s Mallee Madness event in June. Photo: PAUL MENSCH


KYE Drust is a rising star in car racing, but of a slightly different kind.

The 14-year-old is making waves at the Mildura Remote Control Car Club, and is now into his third season of competion.

Remote control car racing is classified more as a ‘hobby’ rather than a sport, but try telling that to the dozens of local members, and the anticipated 150 drivers who will descend upon Sunraysia in the coming weeks.

Mildura club members are working feverishly to finish resurfacing the track at Aero Ovals, adjacent to Park for Play, for the Mallee Madness event from Friday, June 8, to Sunday, June 10.

The local club’s largest event each year forms the third round of the Victorian Drivers’ Series, following rounds in Keilor and Wodonga.

Mildura drivers, including Kye, hope their knowledge of the local track will hold them in good stead for the competition.

After moving away, Kye’s family returned to Mildura and the youngster was looking for a different avenue to get his competitive juices flowing.

His father used to race remote control cars and took Kye to a local event. In his own words, Kye “became hooked.”

The young gun has won Junior State Titles both in Victoria and South Australia, as well as a number of Victorian Drivers’ Series events.

“I thought I might be alright at it, but I didn’t expect to go travelling to race at different events and getting to know so many great new people,” Kye said.

“Mostly it’s about having fun and meeting new people. I’ve managed to bring some friends down to get involved too.

“The Mallee Madness is one of our bigger events and we take pride in making it a good one.”

Much like the high horse powered motorsports, remote control car racing is also  incredibly technical and mechanical, in which drivers can constantly tinker and make modifications to their vehicles.

“I enjoy the modification side of things,” Kye said. “Dad and I are always working together tinkering our cars, making little adjustments here and there.”

For further information on the Mallee Madness event, visit the Mildura Remote Control Car Club Facebook page.