SOLDIERING ON: Mildura Legacy junior vice-president Barry Edwards and president Ian Kellett with the range of merchandise available for purchase.

LEGACY Week is looking different this year – the first time since World War Two local Legatees have not been out and about selling distinctive badges in Melbourne to raise funds in support of veterans’ families.

Mildura Legacy president Ian Kellett said that while adapting their fundraising activities to conform with the COVID-19 restrictions has had an impact on this year’s event, they remained confident that local support would as always, be strong.

“The situation with COVID has restricted everybody not just Legacy,” Mr Kellett said. “Normally at this time of the year we would be out on the street and particularly at the shopping centre selling our badges and other memorabilia for Legacy’s cause.

“Welfare still goes on within the Legacy cause and so we still need to raise funds to assist where we can. Given the current situation, we have looked at alternative ways in which people can still show there support and still donate to Legacy by purchasing our badges and other merchandise.

“We have a range of badges, and our ever popular ‘Ex Service’ bears are a favourite together with the key rings, wristbands and pens.

Mildura Masonic Lodge has traditionally had a Legatee guest speaker and made a donation to Legacy at its September meeting.

The lodge has been holding online meetings since early this year, adapting to COVID restrictions. It has established an online fundraising page to continue its support of Mildura Legacy and lodge members will from Mr Kellett at their meeting this month.

Lodge master Rick Tomlinson said online meetings allowed members to remain in contact with each other and continue support for groups including Legacy.

“All our members, including 93-year-old World War Two veteran Alf Green, have adapted to the online activities,” he said.

Legacy junior vice-president Barry Edwards said that each year there is an enormous amount of work that goes into preparation for Legacy Week.

“It’s only one week in the year that we ask people to donate to the cause and as Ian has said, we would normally have stands all around Sunraysia if it weren’t for the coronavirus situation,” Mr Edwards said.

“This year of course we have had to come up with another plan, because all of our stock for the fundraising was ordered well in advance and that has arrived.

“We bring out new items every year, and this year there is a new teddy bear called the ‘Light Horseman’. We have found over the years that people like to collect the whole series.

“When people ring us we will arrange to deliver their purchase to them and we have been doing that this week or we can take the range of merchandise to them to choose what they would like as well. A very generous, lovely lady from Irymple purchased $100 worth of merchandise this week which was just wonderful.”

Badges range from $2 right up to $5000 and Ex Service bears are $15. 

People are encouraged to support Mildura Legacy by purchasing a badge or a bearby phoning 0437 745 214 or by visiting