DIRT bike? Road bike? Tourer? Whether they’re a beginner or a veteran, local motorcyclists will ride home with new knowledge and a host of techniques that could save their lives after attending Community RoadSafe Mildura’s motorbike safety workshop on Friday, October 22, and Saturday, October 23, starting with a free motorcycle forum on the Friday evening.

The safety initiative offers local riders the opportunity to access invaluable road safety and riding tips from the Honda Australia Rider Training Team (HART), paramedics, Victoria Police representatives and guest speaker Brian Rix.

Highlighting the importance of safety training for all motorcyclists, HART and Victoria Police presenters will share statistics with the group indicating that motorcyclists are over-represented in State-wide crashes.

Although motorbikes make up just 3.8 per cent of all registered vehicles, they make up about 20 per cent of all serious injury incidents. Locally 25 per cent of roundabout crashes involve motorcycles and cars colliding and a large majority of off-road crashes.

There will be a qualified paramedic who will show how to respond to a motorcycle crash and guest speaker and author Brian Rix will talk about his world-famous motorcycle experiences.

Roadsafe Mildura’s executive officer, Tressna Martin said that the last event which supported a variety of participants from very experienced riders to people who have just obtained their licence.

“We had a wide variety of bikes – from a brand new Bonneville to Harleys to Hondas and Yamahas. All riders and bikes are welcome,” Tressna said.

The free forum on Friday at 6pm is followed by a skills training day at Austlink on Saturday which, at $40, is great value because Tressna revealed it is normally a $440 course.

A former participant who was interviewed after attending her second safety weekend, said that her first weekend taught her more than she could have imagined. So much so that she brought her son, a new rider, to her second weekend.

“I honestly think it pretty much saved my life in my first year of riding because it taught me stuff that nobody had warned me about or showed me,” she said.

“I’m back this year to refresh myself on the things I learned and to pick up some more tips.”

The forum is considered a must for all partners and parents of motorcyclists as well as the riders.

The safety weekend is made possible with funding from the VicRoads Community Road Safety Grants, MRCC and the support of local sponsors.

For more information please contact Community RoadSafe Mildura motorcycle reps Sy Nunan 0409 437 069 or Terry ‘Moose’ McGowan on 0407 092 687 or make a booking on Eventbrite.