COREY Sandow lives anything but an ordinary life.

Pilot of a sprintcar and seeker of thrills most weekends during speedway season, Sandow’s life is about to get that little bit more exciting as he and partner Loretta prepare to welcome their first child next month.

While this season isn’t Sandow’s first as part of the Australian Sprintcar All Stars, it is his maiden as a car owner and driver.

“We have had some really strong results this season, time trialing within the top five often” Sandow said.

“We’ve also had some bad luck with a couple big crashes.

“But we’re finally breaking through with some good luck. ”

Sandow decided to get into racing sprintcars because he said they are one of, if not the top level of speedway racing.

“They’re exciting to drive because your always on the limits, and a lot of it relies on the right setup, so when you get the perfect setup, it’s an extremely rewarding experience,” he explained.

But the thrills don’t come cheap, and Sandow said the support of great sponsors, plus a lot of saving, makes it possible for himself, and anyone else if they were interested, to go racing.

Sandow was introduced to the class by Leigh Fallon, who he was working for at the time, when he asked him to drive his sprintcar for him.

Having never considered it as an option, Sandow said it was an opportunity he couldn’t turn down and now he’s in his third season of racing sprintcars.

“The first time I drove it, I was hooked, the power and instant speed is rarely matched in any other form of speedway,” Sandow said.

“The opportunity came up to buy the car and all the spares minus the engine at the end of last season.

“So Dad (Phil) and I took that opportunity and started to build it into what we have now.”

And the duo have built the car into a lot of potential, with Sandow not only setting quick time on Saturday night, but winning his first heat race and finishing a very respectable fifth in the feature.

“I was over the moon to set quick time, especially with such a high quality field,” he said.

“I was in the first group for time trials, a group of four cars.

“So we had the fresh track and usually being first on a fresh track is a disadvantage due to there being no groove and not having watched any other cars tackle the track.

“But it worked out well, the track was smooth and I held a consistent flowing line around mid-track, which was the fastest way around at that point.

“There is a saying that has been around for years; ‘smooth is fast’ so that’s what I was going for – no erratic movements.”

Backing the achievement up with his first heat win, Sandow said he was pumped, especially to get the win in front of his home crowd.

“I was in the same position last time we raced at Mildura but I crashed out,” he said.

“So to redeem myself like I did, there was no better feeling.”

Sandow said he was hoping for a top five finish in the final, and was able to run third for a little while.

“We would of loved our first podium but I was up against some really experienced drivers so I had my work cut out,” he said.

“The track was really good and held up well after the flooding, a real credit to the track crew.

“It was a little bit rough mid track and fast up on the fence, so the best way around was up against the concrete, which at that speed for that long is tough on the body and mind.

“Focusing on holding a fast line, not hitting the wall and trying to catch the car in front meant there was definitely a lot going on.

“But we had the car setup to run the top which is where we wanted to be.”

Sandow said he was very happy to finish fifth against a competitive field.

With another All Stars round set for this weekend, Sandow is yet to decide if he will race.

“We are expecting a baby boy mid-March, but he could be here any time now,” he said.

“Tomorrow night we race in Mount Gambier so I will be playing it by ear, we will get the car ready and go from there.

“Then we have a two week break which will give him time to arrive and make it to his first race meeting.”