BIG competition has emerged for the huge lemons growing on Lena and Larry Portaro’s tree.

After featuring their supersize fruit in Mildura Weekly last Friday, we were inundated with messages from other large lemon growers.

This has started an outright lemon war, covered exclusively by our serious news journalists at the Weekly.

One reader, Jim, emailed photo evidence of his lemons, up to 13 inches in diameter.

“Read your story about Larry & Lena’s lemons,” Jim said.

“Don’t like to burst their bubble, but have a look at these rippers.”

Jim’s lemons look significantly smaller than Larry and Lena’s, but Jim claims they weigh more.

“The biggest came in at 383 grams, 355g, and 348g.”

Lena and Larry’s largest lemon looked “more like a grapefruit than a lemon”, and weighed 323g.

Reckon you can squeeze these three lemon-lovers out of the competition?

Email your hard evidence to, and we’ll be the judge.

Editor may or may not accept bribes in the form of limoncello.

Don’t be sour. Show us your lemons!