BRILLIANTLY TWISTED: The hilarious Alex Williamson, famous for his character ‘Loosest Aussie Bloke’, will bring his stand-up show ‘So Wrong, It’s Wrong’ to the Mildura Arts Centre on October 26. Photo: MATT HOFMANN


BARELY a shred of political correctness shares centre stage with Alex Williamson, and that’s just how he likes it.

The comedian and social media sensation will bring his side-splitting stand-up comedy show ‘So Wrong, It’s Wrong’ to the Mildura Arts Centre on October 26.

Best recognised for his ‘Loosest Aussie Bloke’ and ‘Bogan Aussie Commentator’ characters, Alex is on a mission to conquer the world. 

‘Shooter’ is on a 20-date tour around Australia following comedy festivals here as well as in New Zealand and the UK, while he has also proved a hit at the well-regarded Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The ‘brilliantly twisted’ mind of the man who has more than three million social media followers is on full display in his new stage show, with Alex saying he is looking forward to returning to Mildura to perform.

“I’ve had a great time in Mildura. Going out afterwards everyone goes to the same place, the same one or two pubs, it’s a good time,” he said. “There’ll definitely be moments in the show where people might think ‘wow, he actually said that’ or ‘I bet he wouldn’t say that off stage’. 

“If you get me to come to your house after the show I’ll probably say it again.”

Alex has sold out many shows across Australia, and has tried to make an impact on the comedy scene in the UK. While his show received rave reviews, he did admit he had to change a few ‘Aussie-isms’ along the way.

“There is one punchline in the show that is basically just Shannon Noll,” he said. “Now I was under the impression he was some Taylor Swift-level internationally huge headline act, but apparently he’s not. 

“But he’s young so he still has time. I had to change that part of the show to whatever crappy act worked over there.

“Back home I can talk at my natural speed and use my natural persona. The alcohol consumption is pretty similar. Australians have a reputation for being able to drink but they definitely give us a run for our money. 

“You definitely haven’t performed in Scotland until you’ve had a drunk Glaswegian heckle you from the crowd. They would have been kicked out at an Aussie show. 

“The Welsh also have a lot of consonants in their language, but, in saying that, we probably use a few too many vowels.”

While many of Alex’s videos are crass, rude and not suitable for work, they are also hilarious insights into many stereotypes Australians have of themselves. In a politically correct and sanitised world, Alex stands out from the crowd like the proverbial dog’s ‘you-know-whats’. 

He admits that having no boundaries on stage can be daunting, but it also makes for an entertaining performance.

“I find I can get away with a lot of what I say because I’ve got that cheeky kind of a smile,” he said. “We live in a very sensitised time and there’s a whole lot of political correctness, but I like to go into a show with no boundaries. 

“It can be scary but also great fun.

“In my videos there are a lot of exaggerated characters and very tight combinations where there is a bit more of the real me on stage. I love doing the videos though. I’d be eating out of a rubbish bin if it wasn’t for the internet. 

“It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing it for so long. I think of myself as a spring chicken trying to get into the game but I’ve been around for a little while.”

Tickets for Alex Williamson’s ‘So Wrong, It’s Wrong’ show are available from Mildura Arts Centre or online at