Local author and musician, Lyndsie Storer’s debut children’s book ‘What Does It Mean To Be Grateful?’ has made its way up the charts to become a ‘number one hot new release’ during the past week.

The book, written by Lyndsie and illustrated by Erin Walsh, is targeted at young children, is easy to read, and highlights all aspects of being grateful while promoting self-love and love of nature.

Lyndsie found the inspiration to write the book during COVID lockdown last year and is thrilled to see it become so successful.

“Despite the challenges, last year was a really positive year for me in the sense that I got to spend so much more time with my husband and daughter,” she said.

“I guess I was able to realise the things I’m grateful for and I know last year also had a big impact on kids so I wanted to inspire them, that’s why I wrote the book.

“It’s very rewarding to have it listed as a number one hot new release and I just hope kids who read it can learn that sometimes what we want the most is already at our door and there are so many things to be grateful for even when things don’t go to plan.”

The talented artist also released a children’s song titled ‘I Found Happiness Today’ during the recent snap-lockdown in Mildura and has seen it rise to number one on iTunes in various categories.

“I wrote the song and then and recorded it with ukelele player Tony Curran recently, and decided the lockdown was a great time to release it,” Lyndsie said.

“It’s a really happy, cheerful and positive song with the same sort of message as the book.
“It’s wonderful to think so many people are enjoying it.”

Lyndsie’s song is available on all music streaming services.

If you would like to purchase Lyndsie’s book ‘What Does It Mean To Be Grateful?’, it can be found on her website − www.lyndsiestorer.com.au − any online book seller or at local bookstores in Mildura from this week.