USEFUL FIT: Interlink Mildura director Matt McWilliams with the avocado/citrus sprayer being used to combat fires in Queensland.


THE innovation and ingenuity of Sunraysia-based sprayer-makers Interlink Mildura has been on full display in bushfire-ravaged Queensland recently.

One of Interlink’s custom-made avocado/citrus sprayers has been used to help combat fires – and to good effect!

Interlink Mildura staff found out about the change of vocation for the sprayer last week, after receiving a Facebook message from a customer in Queensland. 

The customer in question, Sunnyspot Avocados, is located in Ravensbourne outside of Toowoomba, where bushfires have been playing havoc with local townships and properties.

“They had purchased one of our avocado/citrus sprayers, which has a 4000L capacity water tank and six individual 900mm fans,” Interlink Mildura director Matt McWilliams said.

“The customer was touching base to let us know how well it’s been working fighting the fires.

“In his words, ‘You guys have got a market for firefighting with these things, they do an amazing job…’

“They had no other way to fight these fires… and they realised pretty quickly that our sprayer had the capability to push a lot of water out with a lot of power.

“Now this bloke has the local fire authority calling him in to utilise the sprayer – it’s incredible!”

Interlink was formed in 1990 to service the sprayer market in Eastern Australia, however, the principal at the time, Peter McWilliams, made his first sprayer in 1958.

All Interlink sprayers are custom-made and designed, and are unique in what they bring to their respective agriculture industries.

Interlink today offers a world-class selection of sprayers and sprayer equipment.

Matt, however, said that he has often contemplated other uses for the group’s unique and one-of-a-kind sprayers.

“Years ago I worked with Jim Macri, who was a member of the NSW fire department, and he wanted me to develop something to fight grassfires,” he said.

“Based on this latest success, I would certainly like to look more into it.

“We own a program called Simulator, and everything we do is manufactured in-house.

“It’s our design and we can tailor-make things to suit a number of needs, so I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t investigate it further – especially if it’s something that is going to aid the community.”