A NUMBER of concerned business and community leaders are partnering with Mildura Regional Development to establish an economic recovery advisory collective in the Mildura region, to consider and combat the economic implications of the COVID-19 crisis.

Mildura Regional Development CEO, Brett Millington, said that in a time of crisis there is a critical need for leadership.

“Currently municipal councils, health professionals and the essential services are at the frontline of the emergency response,” he said.

“Our communities will need support for economic recovery, reconstitution and reinvention in the foreseeable future that is adaptive to the changing situation in the longer term.”

Mr Millington said that Mildura Rural City Council and its surrounding neighbours at Wentworth and Swan Hill are key cogs in preserving Australia’s major food bowl.

“It is essential that the supply chain of produce to major cities is uninterrupted and as a collective, we must do all we can to protect our industries, rise to each challenge with innovation and resourcefulness,” he said.

“Mildura is a significant regional city that is resource rich in men and women who are achievers; successful in business with creative minds. The role of the ‘collective’ will be to act as a think tank for formulating economic initiatives for consideration by the community and all levels of Government to aid the regional economy.

“The economy of our region, like all of Australia, is in a state of uncertainty. Identifying opportunities to recover or reinvent economic activity locally and reconstitute our tourism offerings will be critical to our region’s future prosperity.”

A number of prominent local business identities and CEOs have expressed their support for the idea and formulation of the collective.