SOJOURN: Mildura West batsman Bryson Lush packed up his cricket ‘coffin’ and journeyed to Harrogate in Yorkshire, England, where he will play as an import for Killinghall Cricket Club during the UK cricket season. Photo: PAUL MENSCH


IT’S not only Australia’s World Cup and Ashes teams that will be gracing England’s cricket pitches this year.

Mildura West batsman Bryson Lush is experiencing an English summer as a cricketing import, plying his trade with Killinghall Cricket Club.

The new team for the 21-year-old is based in Harrogate in Yorkshire and play in the Nidderdale and District Amateur Cricket League. Bryson will play in the same competition as Irymple duo Chase Stone and Riley Anderson.

The stint for the top-order batsman is set to last about seven months, with a return to Mildura planned for October. He is already in England but spoke to Mildura Weekly before his departure.

As a cricket lover, Bryson’s was always interested in heading to the UK to play. It was further piqued during the 2016/17 season when English import Ben Waring played alongside him at West in the Sunraysia Cricket Association (SCA).

“It was something I’d always wanted to do, but probably more so when Ben came over and played with us. He got in my ear about giving it a go,” he said.

“I haven’t lived out of home before. It will be a big move but I’ll be living in a sharehouse which will make it a easier.

“I’ve been talking to Waring a bit, I know Mitch Smith from Mildura Settlers went over a few years ago and another mate of mine from Melbourne has done it too. They all loved it. Even if they weren’t outrageously successful on the field, they enjoyed the experience.”

Bryson had planned to make his first cricketing sojourn 12 months ago, however a dislocated shoulder and subsequent surgery delayed the move.

The majority of the English amateur competitions are one-day matches because of the constant threat of Mother Nature causing interruptions.

Bryson, however, said the shorter format is more suited to his style of play.

“It (the season) will be pretty full, with about double the amount of games we play in Sunraysia,” he said.

“Most of the season is one-day games because a lot get rained out. They play 45 overs each side.

“There will also be a Twenty20 tournament on Wednesday nights during the season which Killinghall won last year. 

“I think I’m more suited to one-day games anyway with the way I bat. I’m going over as a batter but hopefully will bowl a little bit as well.

“Apparently it was snowing over there not long ago so I’m going to need a few layers!”