BURONGA’S Lyn McKenzie jumped for joy when told she had won a writing competition.
Wentworth Shire Libraries in conjunction with Broken Hill City Library, Under the Silver Tree Co-op and West Darling Arts ran the competition amid of the COVID border closure between NSW and Victoria.
Lyn said she received a phone call advising her of the competition results which came as a surprise.
“I was so excited when Cathy Farry called, my daughter was at home and I was jumping around and then I went and told my husband and said ‘I won, I won’ and he was impressed − he hadn’t taken much interest when I was writing it but that soon changed!” Lyn said.
“I entered the competition about six weeks ago and I think I got it in right at the last minute.
“I live right near where the border closure operation was set up and so I wrote about what was happening there.
“I foreshadowed those poor police officers having to be there in the really hot sun standing in 40 degrees and I could see that happening.
“I know when they arrived they were under resourced in winter clothing and my husband and I would take our dogs up there − they all loved our dogs and would take selfies with them.”
Lyn’s family operates Mildura Paddle Steamers and she said they invited the teams to go on a cruise when they reopened.
“We run the paddle boats and I said to them that we would love to take them on a cruise, but that wasn’t possible − but my message to them was come back and visits us it’s a great place,” Lyn said.
“COVID was a visitor and so were they but they are a visitor we would like to see back − hopefully they will come back to visit us.
This is an extract of Lyn’s story.
The Visitor
by Lyn McKenzie
You came mid-winter in freezing temps to patrol
And stand on our great highway, shivering and cold
You came to a desert, you did not know
Lovely sunny days, but evenings zero and below.
Extra clothes and wood fires to keep you warm
As we accept that this is our new norm
A QR code to pass along our road, to keep our neighbours in Vic out
COVID-19 is what this is all about.