WHEN it comes to one of the greatest musical acts ever seen across the globe, you could mount a case for Pink Floyd being among the contenders.

Influential and musically stunning, Pink Floyd was a live act like no other in their heyday, with the message behind their music also strong and powerful.

‘The Echoes of Pink Floyd’ is arguably one of the iconic band’s greatest tribute acts, and will arrive at the Mildura Arts Centre on Sunday, August 11.

Lead singer Matt Goodluck, PICTURED, said Mildura fans of the group were in for a special treat.

Celebrating 35 years since Pink Floyd last toured ‘The Wall’, Echoes of Pink Floyd will perform tracks from the band’s iconic 1979 album, and will also partner with the Mildura Theatre Company to provide the ‘Brick in the Wall’ choir.

The tour also celebrates 50 years since Pink Floyd released its first album, with the group to play a selection of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits.

Several years in development, and having accumulated more than 5000 hours of rehearsal time to perfect the songs, Echoes of Pink Floyd comprises Daniel Hunter on lead guitar, Jason Miller on drums, Mark Dole on bass, Paul Bindig on keyboards and synthesisers, Mark MacNab on rhythm and acoustic guitar and Matt Goodluck on lead vocals.

“We’re a six-piece band that puts on a show across two sets,” Matt explained. “Our first set focuses on ‘The Wall’ album, and we very much celebrate Pink Floyd’s theatricality as well.

“Our second set focuses on the greatest hits, and throughout the entire performance we bring the big lights and stunning visuals that defined Pink Floyd.

“In essence it’s a great celebration of a great musical act.

“We’re just looking forward to coming back to Mildura – it’s a town where we have received some really good support and feedback in the past.”

Matt said the show caters for all people, from devout Pink Floyd fans to first-timers.

“We often have people coming up after the show to say to us that while they weren’t expecting much, they were blown away,” he said. “While it’s a bit of a back-handed compliment, it’s high praise nonetheless!

“On the other side of the coin we have people who didn’t know much about Pink Floyd who then fall in love with their music.”

Matt joined the group four years ago, and said Echoes had made a conscious effort to “take the show up a notch.”

“We wanted to be more than just a pub band,” he said. “We tested the waters in the regions, and we got an amazing response, so the risk paid off.”

Matt said the group was also determined to take their show to all corners of the country, especially the regional areas that can be “starved for music and live entertainment.”

One of the unique elements of the current show is the group’s commitment to work with local choirs, inviting singers from each town to perform on stage as part of Echoes of Pink Floyd’s rendition of Brick in the Wall.

“It’s a real highlight for me personally,” Matt said. “A portion of the audience don’t know it’s coming, and it’s our way of connecting with the community.

“We sit the choirs down prior to the show, most of them are kids, and talk to them about what the song is about and its background.

“The kids have a great time and we enjoy being a part of that experience as well.”

More information is available by visiting www.echoesofpinkfloyd.com.au, with tickets available online at www.milduraartscentre.com.au or by contacting 5018 8330.