LOCAL man and ex-sailor, Ian Kellet, PICTURED, is looking to re-establish a Naval Association branch in Mildura.

The Naval Association of Australia (NAA) was established in 1920, and for many years flourished in Mildura, but disbanded a number of years ago.

Ian joined the Mildura branch in 1992 and was a member until he left the district in 2005.

Having returned to Mildura a few years ago, Ian is keen to see if there are enough ex-Navy personnel in the district with an interest in getting the association back up and running.

“There would have been a number of ex-Navy personnel move to the district over the past 10 years,” Ian said. “They are who we are looking for to see if they want to get involved.”

The aim of the NAA is to be a dynamic and contemporary organisation supporting the Navy fraternity in a wide range of different ways. They have four pillars that underpin their mission, with mateship at the core.

The four pillars are Camaraderie, where they meet and socialise with like-minded Navy and ex-Navy men and women, Commemoration, by maintaining the legacy of past service and sacrifice, welfare, by offering diverse and crucial support to Navy and ex-Navy men and women, and Navy Cadets, by assisting the young to become better citizens through support of the Australian Navy Cadets.

“If there is enough interest to re-start then we would meet on a monthly basis,” Ian said.

“We would probably meet on a Sunday at 11am, and then have a barbecue lunch.

“Partners are welcome as it is a family thing, not just a Navy thing.”

Anyone wishing to join the Sunraysia sub-section revival can contact Ian on 0437 745 214, or attend the expression of interest meeting scheduled for the Mildura RSL Bingo room this Sunday at 11am.