ANNE Webster comfortably retained the seat of Mallee for The Nationals at the weekend’s federal election.

As of Monday, with further postal and absent votes still to be counted, Dr Webster had a 49.85 per cent share of voters’ first preferences.

The result sends Dr Webster to Canberra for a second term and continues The Nationals’ hold on the seat, which they have not lost since it was first contested in 1949.

Labor candidate Carole Hart had a 16.24 per cent primary vote, independent Sophie Baldwin had 9.98 per cent and United Australia Party candidate Stuart King had 9.56 per cent.

Next in line was Pauline Hanson’s One Nation “ghost candidate” Vanessa Atkinson with 6.4 per cent, the Greens’ Sam McColl on 4.92 per cent, independent Claudia Haenel on 2.26 per cent and the Citizen Party’s Chris Lahy on 0.78 per cent.

In the two-party preferred race between Dr Webster and Ms Hart, Dr Webster held a 69.88 per cent share – which would represent an almost 20 per cent margin, assuming late-counted votes and the full distribution of preferences do not generate a different result.

Speaking to the media on Sunday morning, Dr Webster said she was grateful to the people who had re-elected her to the role.

“It’s been a really daunting three years and really, I think everyone’s pleased to get through it,” she said.

“We’re now at a place, of course, where it’s rebuild time. And I think this is a time where the nation needs to pull together.

“I am very proud of the Mallee electorate and everything that this Mallee electorate achieves and very honoured and very humbled to again be representing everyone, whether they voted for me or not.”

She said working in opposition her focus would be on the interests of Mallee and its people.

“I’ve yet to see Labor really invest in the regions,” she said.

“I have relationships on the other side of the aisle forged when they were in opposition.

“My hope is to build on those relationships and to see the best interests of Mallee fulfilled.”

See below for a list of how each polling place voted in first preferences, starting a summary of the booths in each local government area.

Use the dropdown menu to see the swings at each booth for the Coalition (which fielded both a Nationals and Liberal candidate in 2019), Labor, independents (of which there were three last time), the UAP and the Greens.

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– compiled by Michael DiFabrizio