A SUPPLEMENTARY workforce register is being prepared by Mildura Base Hospital, as it continues the rollout of its Stage Two response to the coronavirus pandemic.
MBH is working to maximise the capacity of its existing workforce, but the Director of Intensive Care Dr Alison Walker said now is the time to assess what other human resources are available.
“We’re asking everyone to be think about what skills they have, and whether they are relevant to possibly playing some sort of role in our community response to COVID-19,” Dr Walker said.
“Our own MBH clinical and non-clinical staff have been amazing and are already being incredibly flexible as our response plan is being implemented – and our partner organisations, Sunraysia Community Health and Mildura Health Private Hospital are experiencing the same,” she said.
“Healthcare and hospital workers are a dedicated and highly skilled workforce – but the demand on our teams is only going to become heavier, so we now want to find out who is in the community with skills that can support us.”
Dr Walker said MBH was looking at repurposing non-essential services and activities to free up resources and redeploy staff.
“We know it will be a sustained period of time that we are managing this, and there will be peaks and troughs that we will need to fill with skilled people. Of course, nurses and medical staff are of particular interest, but we are likely to need additional cleaners, kitchen and administration staff as well,” she said.
“So, we are now reaching out to community members with suitable skills who might be willing and able to help, should they be needed,” she said.
Dr Walker said the workforce register would include, but is not limited to:
• Registered nurses • Enrolled Nurses • Nurses without current registration • Medical Staff • Cleaning Staff • Clerical Staff • Kitchen Staff
Anyone with these skills who is adaptable to a rapidly changing environment is encouraged to reach out and spread the message and make contact the MBH Human Resources Team on:  Line 1: 5051 1834 –  Line 2: 5022 3218 – Line 3: 5022 3216; or
Email your resume to: HREmails.MBH@ramsayhealth.com.au