IT’S the adrenaline of open wheel racing that has Wingless Sprints driver Melissa McMillan hooked.

“The close, tight racing is second to none but the respect that most other competitors have for one another makes wingless a stand out class,” the 31-year-old said.

McMillan grew up around speedway, with her Dad, Anthony, racing all through her teenage years.

“I stepped into street stocks racing at 17 and raced them for a few seasons before taking a bit of a break,” she said.

“I pit crewed for Dad’s wingless sprints before getting my own six years ago and have been racing that class ever since.”

McMillian is one of a trio of female drivers who will contest the Wingless Sprints 50 Lap Feature tomorrow night at Timmis Speedway, Mildura.

While it might be viewed upon as sport focused around males, McMillan said the majority of the community in motorsport are incredibly supportive of females in speedway.

“This is great for getting into the sport, as there is no animosity around it,” she said.

“In saying that, women aren’t forced into the same expectations that men are in regards to the competitive side of things which can be stressful for people in our sport.

“It’s great to see more women coming into the sport in wingless and all other classes and that they are giving the guys a good run for their money.”

McMillan was last year awarded Timmis Speedway’s Club Championship, and she said coming off this, along with a few feature and heat wins during last season and combined with the fact a few kinks have been worked out of her new car, she’ll head into tomorrow night feeling confident and focusing on some strong results.

“It’s been a long off season and I am definitely excited to be back on the track,” she said.

The meeting tomorrow night at Timmis Speedway is a tri feature night, with the JSPA Junior Sedan Series and Modified Sedans Magic Prelude also on track. Street Stocks will also be in action.

Tickets are available from or the Eventbrite app or website.


Photography by: WADE AUNGER