A $5.937 million grant to complete infrastructure upgrades at Merbein P-10 College was announced in this week’s State Budget, which will now allow the school to complete a long awaited upgrade program that commenced 10 years ago.
Merbein P10 acting principal Chris Grimmer said the school was extremely excited with the big funding announcement for the school in Tuesday’s State Budget.
“We are extremely excited actually about this week’s announcement. It’s been a long wait to be in a position to complete the work that commenced about 10 years ago,” Mr Grimmer said.
“It was a complete surprise. We have been continually advocating for the funding, but given the circumstances of this year we were unsure if we would be successful.”
It was a phone call from Member for Mildura Ali Cupper that informed Mr Grimmer of the Budget announcement.
“Ali Cupper gave us a ring and we were a little bit in shock initially – is this really true?,” Mr Grimmer said.
“A lot of people had gone through the whole 10 year period and it seemed like maybe they would never get there.”
Ms Cupper said the investment showed the Victorian Government was taking the needs of the Mildura electorate seriously. “Many of these projects have waited years to be funded,” she said.
“Merbein P-10 College will finally be able to get its long awaited upgrades completed.”
Mr Grimmer said that in the interim period, a technology building had been completed with another funding stream, but much of the other upgrades haven’t been able to be done.
“This last piece of funding will hopefully allow us to build a new library, administration and science area,” he said.
“We will now work with the Victorian Schools Building Authority who will oversee the project and what the school is actually entitled to as far as spaces are concerned and we will work with them in determining what is built.”