The Merbein Commonwealth Bank is to remain closed permanently, with the bank now in the process of advising its customers that on Friday, February 26, they will be ceasing their branch representation at the Merbein location.

A spokesperson for the bank provided ac statement in which it outlined the reason for the closure.

“As part of the support we are providing to customers affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we reassigned around 500 branch staff to our Australian-based call centres and online teams in May, to help meet the demand from people seeking financial assistance.
“This meant we temporarily closed a number of branches including Merbein. To minimise inconvenience for branch customers, the vast majority of the temporary closures occurred at branches where another branch is operating, normally within five kilometres.
We regularly review our branch locations across Australia to help us make informed decisions on where to open new branches, where to renovate or upgrade existing branches, and in some instances where to close branches that are not being visited as much as they once were.
After a recent review, we made the difficult decision to close our Merbein branch on Friday, February 26, which has had a decline in transactions over the past five years, as customers increasingly choose other banking channels such as our mobile, online and phone banking services.
We understand some members of the community may be concerned, and want to assure them that during this transition period, our staff are on hand to help familiarise customers with all the existing banking options available,” the statement concluded.

The ‘Weekly understands that plans are in place to have the helpful team at the Lime Avenue, Mildura branch assist their Merbein customers going forward.

As for alternative banking options, the nearest CommBank branches and ATM’s are located in Mildura.

Alternatively, customers can continue to complete personal and business banking transactions such as withdrawals, deposits and bill payments, including passbook accounts, at the Australia Post outlet located at Merbein LPO − 98 Commercial Street, Merbein. The existing Bank@Post partnership with Australia Post enables customers and communities across Australia to access over-the-counter banking services at more than 3,500 Post Offices nationwide.

Merbein also has a branch of the Bendigo Bank which is located diagonally opposite the Commonwealth Bank.