IF you’ve attended Timmis Speedway in recent years it’s very likely you would have seen Carter Metcalfe buzzing around the track.

It’s hard to comprehend, given Metcalfe has been driver of such talent for so long, that he’s now a 17-year-old.

What isn’t hard to fathom is that last weekend Metcalfe was acknowledged as one of the best in the class when he was crowned champion in his maiden National Junior Sedan Title.

The event was held at Alexandra Speedway and four local drivers participated in the event.

Will Shore was commendable in his eighth place finish in the feature, after transferring to the main event from winning the B Main. Cameron Smith and Mitchell McClure also competed well throughout the course of the weekend, with McClure finishing seventh in the one B Main, and Smith vying for third in the other B Main before crashing and ruining his Title chances.

But in the end, and such is the camaraderie and sportsmanship of these three young drivers, that they would be first to acknowledge Metcalfe’s achievement as he reigned supreme.

These boys are exactly what you want the future of speedway to look like in Mildura, competitive and driven, they compete to better themselves and the sport, but they know that mateship off and on the track within speedway is as important.

Mildura Weekly journalist Zoey Andrews spoke to Metcalfe on Monday, the day after his Title win as his family was enjoying some time away with Will Shore and his family, in between last weekend’s Title, and this weekend’s Victorian Title, to be held at the same track.

Metcalfe said competing with his friends – like McClure, Smith and Shore, not only gave him confidence when racing, but made the whole experience within the sport better.

Always quietly and well spoken, Metcalfe was gracious and humble in speaking about his win.

He admitted the achievement hadn’t yet sunk in, but was hopeful it would in the coming days before the Victorian Title.

Metcalfe put his win down to “more luck” than anything, but many have attempted and failed to win an Australian Title, which shows it comes down to more than that.

Metcalfe had also done his preparation and research, racing at the Alexandra track only three weeks before, allowing him to head into last weekend’s Title with not only confidence, but knowledge on the best car setup and how the track might unfold.

But still, Metcalfe said he didn’t expect to win the feature. He didn’t even expect to get into the A Main he said, after going over the caliber of drivers contesting the event.

On Saturday night Metcalfe went through the meeting undefeated and was equal top points heading into the final night of racing. He continued the form into Sunday night, recording another heat race win and earned himself a pole position start in the final.

Undefeated, Metcalfe would have been the favourite heading into the final – but said he tried not to think about it.

“I tried to focus on the feature and make sure I kept a clear head,” Metcalfe said.

To anyone who watched the race, which was available through live stream, Metcalfe looked to have control over the race in its entirety.

But he begs to differ.

“I thought he (second placed Kayne Dellar) was on my butt the whole time,” Metcalfe laughed.

“I kept my foot into it and thought I just managed to keep in front.”

Heading into his second Title in a week, this time a State Title, Metcalfe said it would be amazing to be crowned the Victorian champion as well after last weekend’s event.

“It would be really nice to back this Title up with a Victorian Title,” Metcalfe said.

“I have never finished a Victorian Title before, so to win that one would be very nice.”

Given everything unfolds as expected, and the family aren’t too exhausted from a massive week of racing, Metcalfe plans to be back in action on Sunday night at Timmis Speedway.

He said rolling out onto his home track – this time as the National Champion – will be in a completely different atmosphere, and will no doubt be another moment he cherishes.

As this season is Metcalfe’s last in Junior Sedans, he’s already looking to the future with plans to continue racing.

He’ll be stepping up to Modified Sedans and has managed to get his hands on a rocket – a car raced by Cam Waters, in which he won the Australian Modified Sedan Title in 2018.

Metcalfe said he’s looking forward to the challenge and competing against different drivers in a new division.

Photo supplied by Napier Photography.