MBH Director of Medical Services, Dr Kate McConnon, and Capital Projects Manager, Don Palazzo, show off the soon-to-be-completed multi-million dollar upgrades.

A SUITE of multi-million dollar upgrades being rolled out at Mildura Base Hospital (MBH) are expected to completed on time, with several “key components” to be operational in the next few weeks.

The multi-million dollar upgrades encompass three projects, including a $2.3million upgrade of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), a $500,000 upgrade in the Emergency Department’s Short Stay Unit (SSU), and $2.1million revamp of the Mental Health High Dependency Unit (HDU).

The $2.3million upgrade of the ICU is being funded through the Victorian Government’s Regional Health Infrastructure Fund, and includes remodelling and expanding the existing five-bed department.

Refurbishment work to the ICU is finished, with an additional three beds expected to be operational by the end of this month. The next stage of works will see ‘reclaimed space’  refurbished to create administrative offices and a distressed relatives’ room.

In the Emergency Department’s SSU, work to increase the capacity by an additional two beds is set to begin early next month, with completion expected by the end of May 2019.

Work will also include refurbishment of rooms to create a new cleaners’ room, equipment store and staff amenities.

Meanwhile, the revamp of the Mental Health HDU is also on schedule, with the project including a repaint of the area and new floor coverings. This upgrade is also being funded through the State’s Regional Health Infrastructure Fund.

A new staff base will be completed early next month, while a remodelled patient dining area and new patient chill-out room are expected to be completed in April as part of the final stage of work.

MBH Director of Medical Services, Dr Kate McConnon, said all three upgrade projects would provide MBH with “a big increase in capacity”.

“It will also allow the hospital to provide the right level of care for more patients in the right environment,” she said.

MBH Capital Projects Manager, Don Palazzo, said the three new and existing patient rooms were also now “dual purpose”. 

“They will be able to be used for either low dependency or high dependency patients,” he said.