Four boxers from Mildura’s Ladd’s Boxing Gym recently fought at a Boxing South Australia tournament held in Morphettville, SA.

Fourteen-year-old Tom Algate, 14-year-old Raiden Tyson, 25-year-old Jackson Ladd and 30-year-old Brad Prowse all performed strongly and showed improvement in the ring, with Brad and Raiden winning their bouts and the two others coming close to getting a result.

Steve Ladd, Rick Tyson and Connor Tyson are all coaches at the local gym, and all three were pleased with their fighters’ performances.

“They all did well. Tom’s opponent was a little bit older and stronger so he did really well to take it to a split decision,” coach Rick Tyson said.

“I was really happy with my son Raiden too because it was his first fight, he did everything I asked of him and he fought strongly to get the win.

“Brad and Jackson also fought well and showed their experience, Jackson is keen for a rematch against his opponent and it was good to see Brad get a solid win.”

The fighters train multiple times a week at Ladd’s and are busy preparing for their next tournament, which will take place in Bendigo on Sunday, April 18.

The boys will benefit from their recent experience in South Australia, especially Raiden and Tom, who have not been fighting competitively for long.

“National tournaments like those really help them to gain experience and it’s also helped to get rid of the ‘ring rust’ I suppose, as they weren’t able to compete at all during COVID,” coach Rick Tyson said.

“Right now we’re going to keep the boys’ cardio fitness up and also focus on sparring a lot before Bendigo.
“We’re just trying to work on anything we weren’t 100 per cent happy with in the last fights.”

After Bendigo, Ladd’s will focus on an upcoming tournament in Mt Gambier and then turn their attention to an event taking place in Mildura in July.

With the experience of all these events under their belt, the fighters will then hope to compete in the state championships, which are usually held in October or November.

“We’re looking forward to the tournament in Mildura, and all these guys are hoping to have a fight on that card,” coach Rick Tyson said.
“The goal is to perform in events like that and then hopefully fight in state titles, which can then lead to nationals.”