Mildura Rural City Councillors Cyndi Power and Ian Arney visited the rural township of Murrayville recently to meet with a range of people from the region.

Local businessman and candidate in the Council elections held last year Kym Kingdon who invited the Councillors to Murrayville, told the ‘Weekly that it was a very successful visit.

“They are a couple of genuine people who thoroughly enjoyed their time in Murrayville where they met a good range of people,” Mr Kingdon said.

“They discussed the Murrayville Wetlands and Walking Trails project and learnt of the proposal for a 24hr fuel station.
“They also met with the president of the Sportshub project and then it was time for a cool drink at the pub and more meet and greets ahead of a visit to a ‘barby tea’ at Jacobs well Retreat where they engaged with another group.
“All in all an awesome visit!”

Councillor Power said she and Councillor Arney were delighted to be invited by Kym Kingdon on behalf of the Murrayville community.

“It was a pleasure to meet Kym and his wife Faye,” Cr Power said.

“The purpose of the visit was to spend time with Murrayville community members in a more informal way and to hear their concerns and requests.
“Councillor Arney and I had a successful informal afternoon with the residents of Underbool a few weeks ago and I think that’s why we were both invited to Murrayville.
“My style is casual and I find I can learn so much about community needs by listening more than I talk.
“I’d also like to thank Merryn Beckmann for taking me on a tour of the town. She also presented me with a bouquet from her own garden from which she sells flowers.”

On a more serious note Councillor Power said she was “very affected” by the tour of the Murrayville Football Club changing rooms and the social area at the club.

“All I could think was that none of our Mildura clubs would ever tolerate the clubrooms that the Bulldogs and their fans call home,” she said.

“There are old and falling apart and there are parts of the floor that are potentially dangerous.

“I would love to see new club rooms built for the Bulldogs using money designated for the Mallee Track.
“The football clubrooms and the attached bar are the social haven for the community. I was told that pretty much the whole town attends the games.
“This community has really been through the wringer with COVID border closures that wreaked havoc on them. I was told of children and adults who now suffer with anxiety and blood noses thanks to the weekly COVID tests they were required to endure.”

Councillor Arney said that he enjoyed the visit and it was good to hear first hand the needs of the community.

“The people of Murrayville are passionate about their community and it was important to meet them and to have the opportunity to understand some of the issues in the region,” he said.

“I had conversations with a number of people who informed me about some of the things they would like to see improved in Murrayville.
“As an example, there is a need for a 24 hour petrol station which would service the visitor traffic − four wheel drivers − who visit the National Park and currently pass through the town and go across to Pinnaroo, because they can’t access fuel and food after hours and so there are a lot of missed opportunities.”