SO many stories in this week’s edition have been influenced by the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Events have been cancelled and elections put back as governments scramble to meet the challenges COVID is throwing up daily.

The virus is in the news everywhere. It is inescapable and the pandemic is, by far, the greatest immediate challenge facing humanity.

But it is not all doom and gloom.

This week’s front page story is a beacon of hope in the COVID ‘darkness’. It is a shining example of the old adage about when ‘the going gets tough, the tough get going’. It is all about what is best about our community, and a demonstration of spirit that makes the heart swell with pride.There are other good things happening too. A quick look at Page 8 reveals that, even in these trying times, people still find ways to be productive and caring while restrictions have been eased across Victoria. See Page 6.

We will get through this, and there are things being done to help that, including an accelerated vaccination roll out to more pharmacies and GPs, and calls to get our frontline teachers and childcare workers vaccinated as a priority so schooling and care can resume with some semblance of normality for our kids. (See Page 4)

Stay strong Sunraysia, stay vigilant, abide by the rules no matter how inconvenient, and get vaccinated ASAP.

– By Grant Maynard