MILDURA Racecourse will play host to the Monster Trucks show which runs tomorrow and Sunday, with the spectacular event promising to be a show stopper!

Monster Trucks promotional team member and truck driver Troy Garcia said he has been with the show since 1995.

“The Monster Trucks originated in America in the 1980s and we started travelling our version of the show in the mid-nineties,” he said.

“It has just grown from there and really gathered momentum. We go all over the country from Western Australia to Tasmania and up north. We will typically do three or four shows and then go home and re-group and then head off on another tour.”

Tractors on steroids

Troy said the trucks are a cross between a standard agricultural tractor and one that is on steroids.

“They’re a high, horsepowered vehicle fitted with drag engines and a bit of a refined racing equipment, which is basically sitting across a huge, four steel agricultural wheels, fitted with big cotton harvester tyres and there you have the Monster Truck,” he said.

Troy said while there are some hazards to being a driver by and large you are safe.

“You are very safe. But I will admit that your neck and back gives you a bit of curry for a few days after the event – depending on which way you land – but you are very safe,” he said.

“For those attending the event they will see a build up to the main show which will happen from about 3pm.

“Firstly we bring the trucks out and crush a few cars. The kids like to see the cars crushed and we still use them rather than just having a pile of dirt or some steel ramps to drive over – they liked to see the panels crunched.

“As the night goes on we will launch these trucks into the air and put a few big jumps in at the end.

“There will be five Monster Trucks and a rollover truck and some ‘rides’ trucks. We also have Benny the Clown and other entertaining acts as well.

Along for the ride

“There is a monster truck that takes people for rides and there is also one that you can drive and take your family for a burn in yourself.”

Gates open at noon and there will be amusement rides operating all day and plenty of food and drinks available.

There will also be music and light entertainment, including clown acts, motorbike tricks and much more, all leading up to the main event at 3pm.

The show is scheduled to end just on dark.