THE Mildura Weekly has been published for nearly 15 years, but while most readers would be aware of our articles and advertising, they might not realise that the we have ‘other strings to our corporate bow’.

An offshoot of our popular weekly colour real estate lift-out that showcases our highly valued ‘bread and butter’ advertisers – Mildura’s real estate agents – we also manufacture many of their on-site ‘For Sale’ signage in our San Mateo headquarters’ factory. Staffer Shannon Erskine manages that process in a hands-on role that sees him making the frames and printing the signage, traditionally producing more than 50 signs a week!

On top of that, Shannon also manufactures and applies decal signage for vehicles.

And, he also makes a variety of other signage including A-frames, large-format posters, corflute signs and all manner of printed material.

“With the real estate signage boards I produce up to 12 a day, and that also includes putting them up on-site,” he explained.

“I also take down a large number on any given day as well.

“Apart from cutting the steel and welding the frames together, I print out the artwork for each sign in vinyl, which has an adhesive backing, allowing it to be attached to a metal backing board.

“I also produce and install the large format signs for the new sub-divisions, which are very popular at the moment.

“These are concreted into the ground because of their size and the time they will be standing on site. We also recycle the signs and try to get up to five uses out of the frames.”

Shannon said the majority of the artwork is produced in-house by the ‘Weekly’s team of talented graphic designers, but some is also supplied directly by the agents.

“More than 80 per cent of the artwork is done in-house by our production team, and we often work on short lead times,” Shannon said.

“Most of what I produce is for next day, or day after turnaround,” he said.

“And because of that it is always busy and of course, with the real estate market being so hot in Mildura, it’s pretty constant.”

For those not in the know, the ‘Weekly is much more than just a newspaper and offers a range of other services including video production in our three camera studio, design and application of vehicle decals, window signage, all format posters and graphic design services.

Our friendly team is here to help and are only a phone call away on 5021 1777 or email for more information.