HERE TO HELP: Judy and Ron Collingburn are hoping to raise much needed funds for the farmers and their families in the Millewa.


The Sunraysia Drought Relief Group (SDRG) has set their sights on helping the farmers of the Millewa.

During the past 12 months, the group has raised more than $60,000 for the people of Pooncarie as they struggled through drought.

They have transported 40 semi-trailer loads of hay to the area over that time, but unfortunately, hay is so scarce and expensive now, it is nearly impossible to get any more.

SDRG organiser Ron Collingburn said there has been enough rain around Pooncarie that has led to grass growth in the area, enough to feed livestock in the short-term.

“Having said that, if they don’t get rain again soon, that feed will be gone, putting them in same situation they were in last year,” he said.

“After helping the Pooncarie farmers, so many of them told us it helped them so much, it has helped them financially as well as making them realise that people do care for them.”

The farmers of the Millewa are now in the same situation as Pooncarie was 12 months ago and SDRG are looking to the people of Sunraysia to dig deep again and help out.

They are looking for cash donations, non-perishable groceries and bottled or boxed water.

All proceeds raised will go to the farmers and their families of the Millewa area.

SDRG organiser Judy Collingburn said that last year schools got involved by raising funds and it would be great to see that happen again.

“Kids went to school dressed as farmers for $2 to help raise money, as well as bringing in groceries for donation. They were a great help,” she said.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so at a number of drop-off points including Foodworks in Red Cliffs, Merbein Citizens Club and the Big V Shed in Curlwaa.

For more information contact Judy Collingburn on 0428 514 286 or Ron Collingburn on 0408 032 799.