CHEMIST Warehouse Mildura has been busy vaccinating Mildura residents for more than four weeks and last week the Moderna vaccine supplies arrived at the pharmacy.

Managing partner Eric Oguzkaya said that the pharmacy had administered more than 300 doses of the Moderna vaccine since it arrived and a thousand AstraZeneca doses during the past four weeks.

“The arrival of the Moderna has been greatly appreciated by the public and they are booking to have their vaccinations,” he said.

“We also take walk-ins, so having your vaccination is a very simple process at the pharmacy.

“We had a group of eight construction site workers come in to have their injections, and we were able to accommodate them virtually immediately.

“Moderna is a real option for people who are after Pfizer, but haven’t been able to source a convenient appointment.”

To be eligible for Moderna, people need to be aged 16 to 59 years, mirroring the criteria that applies the Pfizer vaccine.

Senior vaccinating pharmacist Emily Vu said that Chemist Warehouse was currently conducting vaccinations six days a week.

“And we are looking into opening a Sunday clinic if the public needs us to do so,” she said.

Emily gave Trang Huynh her vaccination while the ‘Weekly was visiting the clinic.

“I am very happy to be receiving the Moderna vaccine, and I’m looking forward to my second dose in four weeks time and to be fully vaccinated,” Trang said.