HANGING ABOUT: Mildura Gymnastics Club adults class participant Jess Crump takes some tips from coach Samantha McConnell. PHOTO: PAUL MENSCH


THOUGHT gymnastics was only for kids and teenagers? Think again!

Mildura Gymnastics Club have already been inundated with expressions of interest for their new adults classes that begin on Sunday.

Already thriving with large numbers of junior competitors, the club put the idea out there of a class just for the biggest of kids. While COVID-19 restrictions have meant smaller class sizes, four full sessions have already been filled for the first week.

The adults classes will be overseen by Samantha McConnell, an advanced qualified gymnastics coach with 15 years of experience in Melbourne and Mildura.

Having relocated home from the city six weeks ago, Samantha is committed to running these adults classes until the end of 2020.

“We’ve done a little bit with adults before but not as a weekend class,” she said. “We put it out there to see if there would be interest and it’s blown up.

“We’ve had people from various backgrounds, from parents of younger members, to ex-gymnasts, to people trying for the first time.

”Now I’m back in Mildura full-time we’ll be running these classes until at least the end of the year. We’ve already filled up four classes across a Sunday, obviously allowing for COVID-19 restrictions.”

The weekly 90-minute classes will cover many aspects of the incredible sport of gymnastics and will be tailored to individuals.

While some members were gymnasts in their younger years, others have never tried before and simply want to learn how to do perform one of the ultimate party tricks – a standing back flip. 

“We have the participants roughly split up with those of similar experience,” Samantha said.

“We have some ex-gymnasts who will have a good understanding of what we’re doing, but for the majority of people it will be their first time so we’ll get them learning basic coordination skills. Hopefully they’ll use a few muscles they haven’t used before.

“We have one male so far. We have a few that have been thinking about it and when we have held parent days in the past, it’s often the dads that get out there and have the most fun.

“Your first class is a free trial, so there’s nothing to lose by having a go.”

No experience is required and the class can cater to all levels of fitness and gymnastic abilities and to males and females.

Jess Crump will be one of the initial participants in the classes, with this to be her first time working on gymnastics skills since she was a kid.

“I thought it would be a good chance to get some exercise in and re-learn some skills,” she said. “My daughters have been training with Mildura Gymnastics Club for about five years or so, and they want me to give it a try.

“I can work on the fitness side of things and hopefully learn a few tricks that I can show the girls and try to convince them that’s where they get it from!”

Anyone interested in adult, or junior, classes can contact Mildura Gymnastics Club via milduragymnasticsclub@gmail.com, or visit the club’s Facebook page.