TROY Jenner this week met the two men whose quick actions giving him CPR probably saved his life after a heart attack while driving in Mildura last month.
Within minutes of leaving work in Seventh Street for the Friday afternoon trip home to Merbein South, Troy was on the side of the road slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle.
Todd Rigby and Steve Petschel were first on the scene giving CPR in the vital minutes before police and Ambulance Victoria arrived.
On Monday, Police Superintendent Rebecca Olsen presented Todd and Steve with special certificates of appreciation.
“It was an extraordinary day,” Superintendent Olsen said. “And the significant legacy left is knowing what you have done.”
Both Todd and Steve had completed first aid training several years ago but had not needed to use CPR until last month.
Todd had been taking a work break snacking on dim sims when the accident happened on the wet afternoon, Steve had been driving past at the time. “The training just kicked in,” Steve said.
Ambulance Victoria senior team manager Dennis Homfray said that for every minute without CPR after a heart attack reduced the rate of survival by 10 per cent.
Mr Homfray said the efforts of Steve and Todd, who were soon joined by Sen. Constable Ben Frost and First Constable Matt Fiebig, had been key in saving Troy’s life.
The two police officers also received certificates from Superintendent Olsen who said police were required to complete CPR training every three years.
Troy said he remembered leaving work with a mower trailer on the back of his utility ahead of laying turf over the weekend and little else until being flown to Melbourne for treatment.
“It (the heart attack) has changed my lifestyle. I look a lot more now at what I eat and I haven’t had alcohol for six weeks,” he said.
“You can’t take life for granted and it was nice to catch up with Todd, Steve, Ben and Matt today to say thanks and bring a bit of closure,” Troy said.