MORE than 30 students from across North West Victoria took part in competition at the Mildura Clay Target Gun Club.

The event, a 20 Target Single Barrel Championship, is held annually, with both individual and team winners progressing to the state final, to be held in Echuca at a date yet to be decided.

Results for the competition were as follows:

Open − 1st: Troy Anderson.

Senior Boys − 1st: Ilario Dimasi, 2nd: Kane Hawker, 3rd: Bart Turgoose.

Junior Boys − 1st: Harley Ash, 2nd: Jyle Scadding, 3rd: Dion Flanagan.

Senior Girls − 1st: Kate Euvrard, 2nd: Zaenna Cassells, 3rd: Zoe Heinrich.

Junior Girls − 1st: Milla Harmer, 2nd: Charley Mannes, 3rd: Rebecca Hayes.

The winning school was St Arnaud Secondary College, with St Joseph’s College, Mildura finishing second and Trinity Lutheran College, Mildura third.

The St Arnaud Secondary College team consisted of Dion Flanagan, Riley Burlee, Rogan Hando, Rory Bigmore and Troy Anderson.

ABOVE: Clay and Tyler, both 13, took a break with Milla, 14, between competition.