WHEN former corporate high-flyer Colin Morrow felt the calling to serve God, little did he know that he would end up in Mildura as Pastor of the Sunraysia Presbyterian Church at Nichols Point.

Pastor Morrow, who up until last year was Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria from 2019, came to Mildura almost seven years ago and enjoys the parish work he does locally, reaching out to help people in need, but importantly, teaching what Christianity is actually about.

Later this month, Pastor Morrow will commence a five week series of information sessions which are designed to explain Biblical Christianity in a simple way.

“The way I approach these sessions is not to try and ‘flimflam’ people. But rather to say, this is what Christianity is − take it or leave it,” Pastor Morrow said.

“It has been quite amazing how successful the program has been in other places over the years.

“The program introduces Jesus Christ. Christianity without Jesus Christ is not Christianity. There are six different lessons that we do over five weeks and people can come along to one, and at the end of that some people may say “That’s not for me”, others will continue on.”

Pastor Morrow said that the first week’s lesson of the course focuses on the authority of Christ.

“It examines his claim to authority and by virtue of what the bible says, his proven authority,” he said. “We look at his authority over death, because he raised people from death, and over sickness, because he healed people and we look at his authority in term of his understanding of the law. And ultimately, his authority over sin and death.

“There are four important aspects to Christianity, Jesus’ miraculous birth, his death upon a cross, his resurrection and his ascension into heaven.”

Pastor Morrow said that the importance of the forgiveness of sins is pivotal to Jesus’ sacrifice.

“Sin is what separates us from God. Because we are separated from God, we will not be at peace with him − but that is the point of the Messiah − to pay the price for our sins, which we can’t pay − but all we have to do is believe in him.”

Pastor Morrow said that the essence of Biblical Christianity is very simple.

“We have all done the wrong thing at times, and so what God did, was to send his son to pay the price which we couldn’t,” he said.

“As Christians we believe that if we stop rebelling against God and believe in the son, we will be saved, and what that means is, that one day we will be resurrected just like he is. And that’s it – that’s the simplicity of it, and people say is that all, and I say yes, that’s all.”

Anyone wishing to attend the program commencing on Thursday, January 28, at 7pm is advised to contact Pastor Morrow on 0407 220 005 or people may just turn up on the night if they so wish.

QR code COVID protocols are in place and social distancing is practised in the air conditioned church, which is located on the corner of Koorlong Avenue and Fifth Street, Nichols Point.