BASEBALLERS Blake Peterson and Oliver Hayes have the desire and determination to make it all the way.

And they clearly have some talent with both boys being selected to represent the South Australian Charter teams at separate Australian Baseball Championships.

Hayes, 13, who will compete for Adelaide Rays, and, Peterson, 16, who will compete for Armarda, are hopeful the upcoming tournaments will be the next step in the correct direction – one that will lead them on the path of playing overseas.

While Hayes will need to wait a bit longer to compete at the 2022 Australian Junior League Championship, Peterson has his opportunity in the coming days – with the Australian Senior League Championship swinging into action today, and running until next Tuesday, May 17. The event is being held in Geelong.

The Junior League Championship will be held in West Beach from Monday, May 30 to Friday, June 3.

Both boys play baseball locally for Wanderers, and with the South Australian season running during different months to that in Victoria, play in that league as well.

Hayes, in his first season playing in the South Australian league, plays for the Woodville Senators, while Peterson, who has played across the border for four seasons now, plays for the Adelaide Angels.

Their selection in the national tournaments has meant they travel to South Australia for training each weekend as well.

It was a connection through family that gave both boys an introduction to the sport – Hayes through his Dad, Daniel, a baseball player himself, and Peterson through a family friendship with the coach.

Both boys have been playing from a young age, with Hayes now in his ninth season and Peterson his 13th.

Hayes hopes baseball will eventuate, in the future, into a scholarship, while for Peterson, he’s focused on success at the Championship, with the winner earning the right to compete in America.

Baseball is played locally at junior level each Friday night between 5.30pm and 8.30pm and the league is looking for new players to join the sport. Email for further information.