COVID-19 has been a game-changer … in so many ways, and it has forced us to re-think how we do numerous things, the latest being filling a prescription at our local pharmacy.

In the past our visits to the pharmacy have defied logic because, after visiting a doctor, we are often prescribed bed rest and a medicine only available from a chemist.

So, we have trudged off to the pharmacy, sick and tired.

While some of us just want to avoid the wait time to fill a prescription or feel embarrassed to discuss health issues face-to-face, new technology will allow Sunraysia residents to lodge their prescription to be filled the same day by a qualified pharmacist via a phone app, and delivered direct to their door within hours of ordering.
Dubbed ‘Chemist2U’, the new app matches patients with their nearest chemist.

“Meeting the needs of house bound and time-poor local a much-needed healthcare service has recently launched in Mildura and surrounding areas,” the promotional material received by the ‘Weekly trumpets.

“Residents can now access their medication and over-the-counter pharmacy treatments such as cold and flu treatments by simply downloading the new Chemist2U app or ordering online,” it continued.

“Partnering with local community pharmacies across the region, patients are geographically matched to their local community pharmacy with all prescription medication dispensed by qualified pharmacists and delivered direct to the patient’s door as a same-day service.”

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic last year and the subsequent lockdowns and border closures, Sunraysia residents are very familiar with the benefits associated with staying at home and isolating when sick.

COVID-19 has changed consumer behaviour in many ways and has encouraged shoppers to transact remotely for the benefits of convenience and not wanting, or being able, to leave their home.

In three easy steps the Chemist2U APP removes these hurdles, by streamlining the process to access medicines, pain relief and other pharmacy supplies but most importantly treatment can start sooner.

“Through the act of staying at home when you’re unwell, we have minimised the spread of not only COVID-19 but other illnesses such as the flu,” explained Chemist2U founder, Dr Matthew Cullen.

“As we approach the colder months, demand and need has never been greater for a simple, streamlined process to access medicines, pain relief and other pharmacy supplies from the comfort of your home

“Chemist2U is the next revolution in healthcare, propelling pharmacies into the “delivery app” market, by bringing same day delivery of medicine and more straight to your door.”

Using the app, customers can fill prescriptions, store and access repeat prescriptions and order products ranging from pain relief to nappies, vitamins and supplements to over-the-counter medications for delivery within hours.

Originally conceived when Dr Cullen was a medical student delivering medication to the elderly as a part-time job, he noticed the importance of providing such a service to those in need and the gap in the existing pharmaceutical system.

“I spent years delivering medication to the elderly and incapacitated when I was studying medicine. When Uber and Deliveroo launched in the Australian market I immediately started to think of how the pharmacy industry could evolve to provide this type of convenience and community service to those in greatest need,” he said.