LONG-serving Wentworth Court Registrar Peter Fitzpatrick will retire today after more than 40 years of service to the community.

For 10 years, Peter worked at courts in Goulburn, Sydney and Hunter Valley before moving to Wentworth in 1978 at the age of 28.

“When I moved to Wentworth my mother said to me: “So you’ll be down there for just a couple years?’ but I loved the job, met my wife Sabrina after 10 years here and eventually moved to Nichols Point,” he said.

Peter has kept the role of Registrar of Wentworth Court since he started, diligently preparing everything for the magistrates and judges who would come and go, and ensuring the court ran how it should.

The court stalwart has loved the job and the experiences that have come during an impressive career.

“I’ll depart with mixed feelings. This job has been a big part of my life. Everything I’ve done has been for the good of the place and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it,” Peter said.

“The memories will all be fond ones. Being able to service people in the community has been great. The people you see come and go and then improve, especially if they’re a repeat offender, it’s all very rewarding.”

While Peter settled down with wife Sabrina in Nichols Point and eventually had seven children, he always stayed committed to his job at the courthouse.

The establishment, and the people he met and worked with on the job, were all factors in his continued passion for his role.

“It really is a nice place to work in. It’s been around since 1880 so it’s quite historic. It has nice high ceilings. It’s very nice. Coming here to work and then meeting different people, it’s been enjoyable,” Peter said.

“I’m very happy with the journey. At this point I can look back on it all and actually acknowledge what I’ve achieved. It makes me really proud.”

With his career as Registrar now behind him, Peter looks forward to spending some quality time with his wife and taking part in hobbies of interest.

“Sabrina and I are just going to go away and spend some time together. Since we’ve been married, we’ve spent about 30-odd years bringing our children up. It’s going to be nice to be able to go away and not have to tend to the children,” Peter said. “I’m definitely looking forward to also playing some golf, getting up early in the morning and doing that.”