GALLERY F will host a comeback exhibition of sorts starting next Wednesday, July 25.

‘Peter Pan Punk’ is the brainchild of Mildura artist and musician Walter Ison, PICTURED, with the exhibition – which will feature a collection of 14 oil and canvas art pieces – running until August 18.

Walter, 56, spent more than two decades immersed in the arts scene in Sydney, before a change of life fortunes saw him walk away from the industry 27 years ago.

He relocated to Mildura six years ago, and has spent the past three years rediscovering his love for art, while also overcoming homelessness.

“This exhibition, in a way, is a shot at authority figures,” Walter said. “This is the climax of my journey, it shows that I’ve made it. It’s been an amazing journey to say the least.”

All pieces featured as part of the exhibition will be for sale, with next Wednesday’s opening night to kick off at 5.30pm at Gallery F.