Last Friday Sunraysia Community Health Services (SCHS) opened the Pfizer COVID vaccination hub opened at the Army Drill Hall in San Mateo Avenue for the first scheduled appointments which saw 100 people attending to receive their injections.

In advance of the hub opening, a designated team from SCHS had been working tirelessly to convert the Drill Hall into a functioning Pfizer vaccination centre with capacity to meet community demand.

The central location of the clinic makes it a convenient and easy-to-access facility for the community.

“Due to the short-lead time associated with the rollout of Pfizer to Sunraysia, and our commitment to making the vaccination available to our community a priority, the sub-hub will initially be operating on limited hours and days,” a SCHS spokesperson said.

SCHS will continue to build on the clinic’s staffing and facility requirements in order to increase attendance capacity during the coming months and it is confident that the sub-hub will remain open for as long as required to service the community’s vaccination needs.

The spokesperson added that it was important to note that the clinic will remain ‘by appointment only’ until further notice, walk-in enquiries are discouraged and will be directed to register their interest via the online registration form, followed by contact at a later date with a scheduled appointment.

SCHS therefore encourages anyone interested in receiving the Pfizer vaccination and who qualify, should register via