IN today’s volatile financial environment planning for the future isn’t just a good idea, it’s imperative if you are going to be able to retire and live comfortably.

Seeking the right advice is vitally important and while there is no shortage of financial advisers to consult, finding the one who can best suit your individual circumstances and with whom your are comfortable, isn’t always easy.

Wealthfit Money Management principal and financial adviser Justin Daniel said that for many people the notion of seeking professional financial advice can be somewhat daunting and that can make them hesitant.

“I think there is a barrier for some people wanting to see a financial adviser and I certainly aim to create more awareness about the services we provide and the approach we take to remove that reluctance,” Justin said.

“One of the things I pride myself on, is putting the client at ease by simplifying and making the advice understandable − in a sense de-mystifying the process.

“It’s common for people to have trouble understanding their superannuation investment portfolio for example, and they don’t know where to turn or who to ask.

“The majority of my clients are everyday people who are not necessarily wealthy, but rather are looking for sound advice that they can trust and be comfortable in the knowledge that they are building a solid portfolio, which will provide them with a good retirement.”

Wealthfit offers a no obligation, first consultation service, where Justin will discuss your personal financial situation, goals and needs for the future. He has a wealth of experience gained in the banking industry over many years and running his own company in Mildura for more than five years.

“The first chat is always free. I will spend an hour with someone to listen and learn about what they hope to achieve and from there I will develop a plan for them if they choose to move forward,” he said.

“I offer a very personal financial planning service that is all about putting people’s minds at ease and importantly helping them to understand all of the options available to them and then tailoring a plan that best suits them.”

Justin said that some people have misconceptions about advisers.

“People often think that unless they have a lot of money, the adviser won’t be interested in them,” he said.

“That’s not the case. People may have a small portfolio, which with the right advice, will grow into something substantial and it’s also about also managing what limited wealth you may have to preserve and enlarge it which can be achieved by receiving sound financial advice.

“The interesting fact is, collectively Australians have more than two hundred billion dollars in household savings alone (since the onset of the COVID pandemic), plus the wealth in superannuation funds and so a lot of people do have a level of wealth.”

Justin believes that everyone who is working should seek financial advice and the earlier the better.

“Whether it’s property, the share market or cash, we focus on the asset class and putting a plan together that will deliver on the goals set,” he said.

“We don’t have one set market, we service both the retiree sector and the younger end of the market as well, who will be the retirees of the future and for them, getting good advice in the early years, will set them up for life.”

Commencing this week, Justin will be answering frequently asked questions about financial planning in the ‘Weekly’s real estate guide and he is inviting readers’ questions that he will happily answer each week.

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