POLICE are expecting significant delays at the Mildura-Buronga checkpoint on George Chaffey Bridge with new border restrictions coming into place.

Inspector Darren Branch, of Dareton, said that from midnight on Tuesday July 21, the NSW Government will introduce further restrictions for those wishing to enter NSW from Victoria. Anyone who has a permit will need to re-apply online after 4pm today. Existing permits will expire at midnight tonight.

“I would like to stress we are expecting significant delays on our roads, particularly at locations such as our bigger checkpoints at Buronga/Mildura on the George Chaffey Bridge,’’ Insp. Brand said,

“If you can avoid travelling across the border into NSW tomorrow, especially during the peak periods, please do so. Everyone should by now be aware that there have been significant changes to the NSW Government permit scheme. Please visit make sure you visit the service NSW website for more information on permits and eligibility to ensure you are not delayed unnecessarily or worse, refused entry to NSW.

‘’Importantly, from midnight on July 21, border zone residents with a permit will only be able to cross into the other side of the NSW-Victorian border zone to go to work or attend an education institution and only then if they can’t work or learn from home, or to obtain medical care, supplies or health services. To avoid frustration and delay, please ensure you are only entering NSW for these purposes.

‘’I would like to take this opportunity to thank those members of the community who have followed the advice, obtained permits and worked with us during this initial period. We are confronted with managing a response to a Health Pandemic which is unprecedented.

‘’Anyone wishing to cross the border from Victoria into NSW will require a permit. Please ensure all occupants of the vehicle have their permit and drivers licence / identification with them and they are ready to be produced when you arrive at the checkpoint to assist in reducing delays. If you don’t have a permit, do not attempt to enter NSW, you will be turned around.

‘’I’m confident we will continue to work together as a community to embrace these new rules and do what we can to make the best of what are unusual and difficult circumstances. Can I ask that the community is patient with Police and Australian Defence Force members working at the checkpoints. Rest assured, we are all working hard to try and ensure our community is protected and the impact of this Pandemic is minimised wherever possible.’’