CLAY CREATIONS: 10-year-old pottery students Avy and Charlotte, with pottery teacher Jayne Bawden, in the Mildura Pottery Club studio.
Photo: Esther MacIntyre


CREATIVITY abounds in Sunraysia with art classes allowed to start back up, including pottery.

Since restrictions eased, Mildura Pottery Club has been abuzz with the sound of electric wheels, while hand-building takes place on a large concrete table.

Clay artist and teacher, Jayne Bawden runs pottery lessons for children and adults, as well as supervising members of the club.

“The children were allowed back in first, and now the members are allowed back in too,” Jayne said.

With pottery being a popular pastime in Mildura, those wanting to learn will have to get in line.

“I have to complete Term Two classes before I can take on any new students, however everyone’s very keen to come back to pottery,” Jayne said.

“It was about week three of Term Two when we just had to shut the door and wait until further notice.”

Everything has been left as it was, with fired pieces ready to be glazed by returning artists.

“But that’s fine, the clay doesn’t go off or anything,” Jayne said.

“And so the students have been able to finish their work, and they’ve glazed a few pieces so they’ll be taking them home.”

Jayne said it’s been very quiet without any students or members.

“I normally have a lot of people in the studio, and it’s just been so quiet being by myself!” she said.

“But it’s been good, I’ve never had such a long break. Hate to say it, but I liked that!

“It’s probably a bit mean to say that I enjoyed it,” she laughed.

Those interested in getting into 2021 classes can contact Jayne at Mildura Pottery Club on Facebook.