EVERY evening since early July when the NSW border checkpoints were put in place, the Gol Gol Hotel has resembled a military mess hall providing meals to police and defence personnel on duty enforcing strict border access.

The hotel is providing a select menu for the border workers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Standing on a checkpoint for hours on end in every type of weather can definitely build an appetite, an appetite that the Gol Gol Hotel was happy to satisfy.

One defence member even commented that he thought he might be going home a few kilograms heavier than when he arrived.

The same arrangements have been made with hotels and clubs in Buronga, Dareton and Wentworth where police and ADF personnel are on duty at border checkpoints.

Gol Gol Hotel proprietor Peter Prescherer is very happy with the arrangement. “It has provided the business with some extra income which has been extremely welcome,” he said.

There has been contingents of defence personnel rotating through Sunraysia since NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian closed the borders.

Among those eating at Gol Gol last week were Leading Aircraftwoman Westland, Corporal Papadopoulos, Leading Aircraftman Hughes and Leading Aircraftman Hunter after their shift at the George Chaffey Bridge checkpoint.

Checkpoint personnel are accommodated in local towns during their stay.