MEMBER for Mildura Ali Cupper has labelled the latest panic buying, driven by a surge in COVID-19 cases in Melbourne, as unhelpful and unnecessary.


Ms Cupper said it was disappointing to see supermarket shelves in Mildura bare of toilet paper again despite the fact there had not been a COVID-19 case since April.


“Frankly, it saddens me to even have to say this, but can people please stop panic buying,” she said.


“It is unbelievable that supermarket shelves in Mildura have already been stripped bare of toilet paper. I implore everyone: Please only buy what you need.


“At no stage during the pandemic have supermarkets closed. There’s just no need to hoard anything.


“All panic buying does is the adversely impact the most needy, and most at-risk like the elderly, who miss out on essential items.”


Woolworths and Coles announced they were returning to buying limits on certain items including toilet paper and pasta as Victoria has seen a spike in coronavirus cases over the past week.