Ranfurly Primary School is back and better than ever, with 420 students and 70 preps ready to take on an exciting 2021.

After a challenging off and on 2020, the school and principal Dennis Mitchell are over the moon with how this year looks to be shaping up for all students.

“It’s really great to be back. The kids are stoked to be here, and the parents are really happy to have them here, as are we,” Mr Mitchell said.

“We had a great intake this year. We’ve got a lot of siblings in this year, including three sets of twins, and a lot of extra kids coming from the surrounding neighbourhood zones. We’re off and running now as per normal school year, which is fantastic.”

Students will be taught the fundamental subjects, such as reading, writing and mathematics in their return to learning, but there will also be opportunities for a reintegration program for all Years, as well as elective opportunities for Year 5s and 6s.

A government-funded ‘COVID Catchup Extension’ program will be available for selected students in order to get them back up to speed after a difficult academic year.

“We’ve employed three teachers who are doing extension work with kids in Prep 1, Years 2-4 and Years 5-6 as part of that program. It will really be about building on what we were doing in Term 4 and looking at kids who were deficient from being at home learning, giving them two to three extra sessions a week,” Mr Mitchell said.

“We’re also really excited about our Flexible Interests Learning program for Years 5 and 6, where kids get to do electives by choosing a pathway. They’ll spend a few hours a week focusing on that.”

As far as extra-curricular events go, Ranfurly is all set.

Year 5s and 6s will be taking part in a leadership camp for two days at the end of this month to grow closer together and learn to rely on each other.

Furthermore, a community barbecue, the first chance for the wider school community to come together since COVID hit, and a March foodies market open to all of Mildura are sure to be a smash.

“The Ranfurly school community is amazing. They all rely on each other significantly and they’re very supportive of what we do. They know it’s all about their kids, and their kids becoming great,” Mr Mitchell said.

“I’m very keen for the year ahead.”