MILDURA independent MP Ali Cupper will this morning launch a new coalition with the Reason Party.
Ms Cupper will be deputy leader to Reason’s Fiona Patten in what they described as a “new coalition of independent women”.
Mid-way through her first term as the local MP, Ms Cupper has told the ‘Weekly the new coalition will enable her to have more influence in the Victorian Parliament. She will be the Reasons for the Region’s spokesperson on a wide range of issues.
Ms Cupper says she is determined to leverage every opportunity she has in the remaining two years of her term, to achieve everything she can for the constituents of the Mildura electorate.
“While I have had some major wins, and I am confident that I can continue to deliver big wins for our electorate, I also think there is a lot more potential there to super-charge that,” Ms Cupper said.
“The way to achieve that is to have the balance of power in the Upper House and so I am forming a coalition with Fiona Patten of the Reason Party who is an incredibly effective legislator.
“This will offer regional voters a new option, that unlike the National Party, will provide for the more contemporary, modern regional communities of today.
“We will create what we are calling the ‘Reason for the Regions’, a new brand that can essentially encapsulate what all of the progressive, female independents are doing in the regions and form that into a new party option for voters.”
“I will still be Ali Cupper independent Member for Mildura − this is not me joining the Reason Party, it’s forming a coalition in the same way that the Liberals and the Nationals do.”
Ms Cupper did not rule out candidates in other seats at the 2022 state election being endorsed by the Reason for the Region coalition.
The former Mildura councillor who scored an shock victory win four years ago would not be drawn on whether other independent MPs in the Victorian Parliament would join the new coalition.
Ms Cupper said: “Being a strong member in the Lower House I have been able to use that influence to our benefit.
“Having the balance of power in the Upper House, which this coalition will give us, is going to put us in a position of even more power.”
“I was given four years to change the game for our community and I am going to exhaust every opportunity that I have to do that and that is the thinking behind this move.”
Ms Patten, a former sex worker, has been responsible for assisting the passage of some controversial legislation, including drug law reform, the voluntary assisted dying Bill and another safe injecting room near the Victoria Markets in Melbourne, having previously helped pave the way for the North Richmond centre.
The two MPs will hold a joint media conference in Mildura this morning, where the announcement of their new political marriage will be a formalised.
Cupper’s mid-term review
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