A FEW weeks ago the Mildura Weekly told the story of Mildura’s Mal White and his 200th blood donations.

When the story came to the attention of Merbein’s Roger Carrodus, he decided to tell his story, which has taken donating blood to a new level, with him making his 303rd donation in Australia earlier this week.

Roger said that he has been donating blood and plasma since he joined the Police Force in 1966.

“The reason I have come forward with my story is to help people realise that donating is important and not at all scary, if I can do it on a regular basis, hopefully people reading this story will think that they can too,” he said.

“The Red Cross came through the Police Training facility in St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, while I was there and asked if anyone was interested in making a donation, so I put my hand up and have continued ever since.”

Roger is a seasoned overseas traveller and has also donated blood in the Phillipines, Thailand, USA and China.

“Wherever I am in the world, I try to make a donation,” he said. “I have looked at donating my community service as well as way of getting a free medical check-up, as your blood is tested after every donation.

“If there is something amiss they will let you know. It is also a social thing, the staff know you and you know them.

“My 300th donation was in Burnie, Tasmania, and they didn’t have badge with a number that high in stock, so they are sending one through to me shortly!

“When you donate in Australia, you can have a cup of tea and biscuit afterwards, in fact, in Collins Street in Melbourne, it’s like a cafeteria.

“This is not always the case overseas, I once donated blood at the Ramon Masaki Memorial Hospital in Manilla, and was chatting to the Red Cross staff who asked about Australia.

“I mentioned how after donating you could have a cup of tea and biscuit afterwards, something they didn’t offer.

“When I had finished my donation, I discovered they had rushed up to the shops and bought some sandwiches and a drink for me and also gave a T-shirt with the hospital’s logo on it.”

Those interested in giving blood can visit the Mildura Donor Centre, located at 168a Eighth Street.