Mildura’s Ron Povey, PICTURED, has just had his second COVID injection and he said that we read so much about the problems with the vaccine rollout in Australia, but his experience has only been positive.

“I have just had my second vaccination on Monday at Sunraysia Community Health Services (SCHS) and want to express my appreciation for their wonderful efficiency,” Mr Povey said.

“Every aspect was well organised and the staff deserve a big thank you.
“They answered the phone quickly − there’s no problem − and you can do it all online if you want, but for a lot of older people who can’t do it online, SCHS are very patient and super efficient – this is world’s best practice.
“We all look forward to the end of this pandemic and it’s great to see a local organisation doing such a good job.”

Mr Povey had his AstraZeneca vaccinations at the SCHS clinic on the corner of Thirteenth Street and Deakin Avenue.

“Given my age, (77) I got the ‘Astra’ – it sounds like an old cinema!” Mr Povey said referencing the former ‘Astor Theatre’ in Mildura that closed decades ago.”

“I understand the Pfizer vaccination at Drill Hall is super-efficient too.
“I see the vaccine as a way out of where we have been and at least I’ll be able to go to Canberra and give my daughter a hug, where I haven’t really been able to since the pandemic began. That’s why I’m excited about it.
“Your paper has helped get me through the isolation of COVID and I appreciate the role it plays in the community.”

As Ron says: “Each day is a precious gift” − you take care Ron.